For more than a decade, EHTW Service has been supporting asset and property management companies in all matters relating to waste disposal in commercial and mixed-use properties.

Since 2017 we have provided our customers with legally required waste balance sheets that include details of quantities and recycling routes. Nowadays, we have added ESG data to our range of services.

When working with us, you deal with a specialized waste disposal manager – a waste disposal manager – as a direct contact for your entire property portfolio. They are supported by a professional and experienced team.

  • Analysis of the total amount of waste generated in the property.
  • Compilation of a waste disposal plan in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Proper waste separation for a better environmental impact.
  • Communication with cities and municipalities.
  • Close coordination with the PM and FM during the preparation and implementation phase
  • Changes and adjustments made throughout the duration of the contract.
  • Termination service and correspondence with previous waste disposal company and municipality.
Review and examination of documents provided
Property-related data organised in an ERP database
Analysis of current waste sorting procedures
Changes made to container configuration in consultation with PM/FM
Checking waste separation processes for potential improvements
Communication support provided to optimise waste separation in the property